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 Application form - read this first

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PostSubject: Application form - read this first   Thu Jan 26, 2012 5:33 pm

Read this first:
If you want to make a application to our guild, please copy this application-form below into a new topic and fill it out. We recommend to not skip any question. The more information you put in this application the more likely you will get accepted.

IMPORTANT - Give the topic for your application the following name: Application (main character name)
Once you've made your topic, guildmembers will cast their votes during a period of 1 week (7 days). At the end of the week we will make up the balance and see if you will get accepted or declined.
Also, only make a forum account here after your application got accepted!

Application will be open for comments for 7 days. After those 7 days we count the votes and see if you will be accepted or declined. Whispering in game will not speed up the procedure.

Personal information:

Real name:
English level on scale 1-10:
Personal info:

Your average latency in ms on Croggesserver:

Character information:

Name, level and talent build of your character's:
Proffesions (and skill):

Personal and character information combined:

Are you a PvP-er, PvE-er or a bit of both kind of player?
Please show us a screenshot or a link to the talent build's you are using for your characters:
What is your frequent spell rotation?

(For PvE players only)

How do you prepare for raids?
What is your raiding experience?
Do you have any experience in leading raids?
Are you familiar with the addon "GroupCalendar" and know how to use it?
Are you familiar with the addon "Deadly Boss Mod" and know how to use it?
Do you use any specific addons for PvE, so yes wich?
Our guildraids are currently planned to be starting around 20:00h servertime, will you be able to attend?

(For PvP players only)

What is your PvP experience (Battlegrounds, Arena, World Events, Outdoor PvP):
Arena rating:
Honorable kills:
Do you use any specific addons for PvP, so yes wich?

General Information:

Why you choose Spellbound to apply at?
What is your expectation from Spellbound?
Do you have reallife friends/family in our guild?
Is there anyone in Spellbound who can recommend you?
What are your former guilds and why aren't you in those at the moment?
If you are online when there is guildraid forming, how big is the change that you will attempt to join?
Spellbound organises more PvE then PvP happenings, is this any problem to you?
We like to use this forum for communication regarding guild matters. Are you able to visit it at a regular base?
If you get accepted in Spellbound we would like you to bring all level 60+ characters of yours to Spellbound, is this possible for you?
Anything else you would like to say?

Spellbound forever!!!
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Application form - read this first
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